'Tammi' with two m's. So that's T-A-M-M-I.

I got sick.


Dan committed the worst imaginable crime.


Regrettably, we aren't familiar with the rest of her works.


Which is the highest mountain in Japan?

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When all is said and done, the most precious element in life is wonder.

Evelyn won again.

So, was there a time when you were a wizard, too?

I want to get Real to help us.

Who do you think did this?

Please take the sugar pot down from the upper shelf.

There! She comes!

I suddenly had hope.

This grass is too wet to sit on.

He hung up his coat.

I like to walk barefoot on the beach through the sand.

It proved to be the deathblow to their plan.

Pardon me for interrupting you.

Harvey looked sideways at Kirk.

You have to eat something.

I wore out two pairs of jogging shoes last year.

I'm sure you guys did OK without me.

I'm not home Sundays.

Adrian got back home before 2:30.

It is not necessarily so.

My brother soon got used to living alone in Tokyo.

You had better put on a raincoat.

She slipped her arm into his.

He blamed the failure on his brother.

There isn't much butter left in the refrigerator.

I'm really glad to be here and the more, to be here with you.

That perfume smells good.

Many parents take pride in their children.

I wonder if I can add a sentence.

Mike is the brightest student in class.

I don't want Ozan involved in this.

Leaving your suspicious actions I've seen a mystery - are you trying to rob me of my sleep?

Well, just you wait and see.

Melinda is just frightened.

Do you want me to pick up anything at the supermarket?


If you want to understand people, you shouldn't take any notice of what they say.

Through her communication with Taro, Maria finally had the chance to better her Japanese.

Either way, you lose.

I could die tomorrow.

Shuvra gulped down a tall glass of orange juice.

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You know that Randall used to live in Boston, don't you?

Let us know how we can change that.

Don't interrupt people when they are talking.

As a matter of fact, I know nothing about it.

If possible, I'd like to read more about this subject.

This box is green on the outside and red on the inside.

Jess anticipated that.

The best ear training is tuning a piano or harpsichord.

I think that's a bad suggestion.


We dined at our uncle's.

"I think so, too," she chimed in.

His income is too small to support his large family.

Even Chinese dignitaries were invited to visit the monument.

Would you like me to make you a sandwich?

Hundreds of people came out into the square.

Tomorrow, you are going to paint the fence.

I don't want any fruit.

How did your interview go?

There are many active volcanoes in Japan.

Can you bring them back to life?

I want to go discuss something important with you.

Panos thought that Africa was a country.


Zoology and botany are dedicated to the study of life.


Kikki knows there's only one choice that makes any sense.


He wears an eyepatch.

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They can't see you.

You saw the file, didn't you?

Bok choy is a vegetable used in Chinese cooking.


Izumi has a horse.

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If you don't want to sing, you don't have to.

One must not confuse "must not" with "need not".

My father gave it to me when I was a kid.


Tatoeba, why are you so addictive?


I need to speak to Edgar personally.


They are having lunch in the garden.

The review report recommended a raft of changes.

Maybe it was them.

She said she had met him on the previous day.

His ways are driving me up the wall.

Many workers were trapped in the coal mine.

She has even more books.

He is a busy man, so you can only get in touch with him by telephone.

She fainted with fear.


My father is in his fifties.

Could this be love?

Gale was visibly disappointed.


I told them that I wasn't tired.

Those shoes won't do for climbing.

Soohong talks about that a lot.

Your feedback is important and it will help us to know how we can provide the best service possible.

Everybody will die.

I was hardly prepared.

Now I'll introduce my parents to you.


I'd be happy to discuss it.

A sure friend is seen in an unsure matter.

Stan has an enormous appetite for adventure.

That was pretty peculiar.

He emigrated at the age of twenty.

Whom do you respect most in your life?

Elizabeth II is the Queen of England.


I won't let you treat me like a slave.

After everyone left, he remained, friendless.

I've never heard of such a frightening story before.

This picture is beautiful.

Teri won't hesitate to kill you.

Kevin is bigger than you are.

You're not like any other person I know.

He replied with promptness and courtesy.

Show me yours!

The only thing I know about you is your name.

Dan didn't even flush the toilet.

There is no room for doubt.

There's nothing up here.


It was much more difficult than we initially thought.

Aren't you guys coming?

You recognize him, don't you?


President Truman had to make a difficult decision.

Thanks, everything is fine there.

I learned to type at the age of nine.

I'm going to find out what's happening.

It's easy, maybe even feasible.

Poor tomcat.

The stew isn't ready to eat yet.

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Put your helmet on.

The boy has a hunger for adventure.

In fact, he didn't go to the church.


You gave me quite a start.

What crime did they commit?

How much will you pay me?


I hope my last mail didn't sound too harsh.

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Norma bought Adrian some candy.

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I'd rather discuss this at a later time.

Brad drove Moran home from work.

Why didn't you tell me you couldn't do it without my help?

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He was alone in the dark.


My daughter sings in the choir.

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A pair of earrings is a nice present for her.

I have grown dependent on my daily dose of caffeine.

I haven't been sleeping well.


Think about your future.

Elizabeth gave up on his dream of becoming a pilot.

Things like that happen.

She was standing near him.

I'm glad you like her.


"Where's your cousin?" "She's just left."

He tapped me on the shoulder.

We were all shocked.

He is an earnest young man.

How old do you think I am?

Sorry, but I want to tell him this news face to face.

We were in the first year of middle school last year.

You can't let me suffer.

There is a melon on the table.


Varda is obviously trying to cause trouble.


Guy spent all her free time last week answering birthday greetings.

Clem is the meanest kid in school.

To be employed, you must fill out an application.


How many eyes had the Cyclops?

There were too many people at the concert last Saturday.

Ilya is not the same as he was thirty years ago.